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3.3.4 does not open!

This program used to be great (4 stars for sure) but since upgrading to 3.3.4 via the Mac App store, the program no longer opens. I’ve contacted the developer many times with no response. I would love to upgrade to the Pro version, but I won’t do it until this is solved. Too bad—it was a great program for the $.


Very hard to use. There is not an un-do button, so you can be going along and click something and half of your document disappears and there’s no way to get it back, you have to start all over. And no Dishwasher to choose from, but probably 30 different coffee mugs. Too much emphasis on things that don’t matter.

Doesn't let me start a new project

I just bought this software and whenever I try to start a new project, as soon as I choose the plan (House Scale, one of the preset houses, etc), the window closes and nothing happens...

Great application

It is very nice application. I did my lot and house planning within an hour. Some painfully missing things: - Circle tool - from a point with a given radius, which is nice to reconstruct topography. - Bezier-curves to model complex shapes, like cruved pathways, couple with another missing tool below - Extrusion tool - to extrude flat 2D shape into a 3D object (like extrusion tool in 3d studio)


Bought this to help design a kitchen. No objects for kitchen basics like a dishwasher, island, refrigeration or freezer drawers. No kitchen furniture. No User Guide, videos limited and general. Tried emailing their support and got no response. Might be good for other design uses, but useless for this purpose.

For the price - WOW!

It is intuitive and really does some complex designs even with the $29.99 version. Also, the TRIMBLE warehouse really comes in handy and is easy to incorporate those desings into the plans.

Good floor plan app.

So far I have only used the floor planprotion of the app. That is my bggest need and this does that nicely.


So good so far, this is one of the most easy app to create and remodeling areas in you home. I recomended this app to anyone who want to move forward with the construction world EC

Not Worth 30 Bucks

Overall, I’m disappointed in this app. The basic stuff - drawing a room and decorating it - is pretty intuitive, but other functionality such as file management and library management is not. The online help and video tutorials are very well done but are lacking in content; they do not go into nearly enough detail, nor do they cover enough topics. Human tech support is via email only. I emailed them multiple times; dealing with them was frustrating and unpleasant. If I could rate tech support separately, I’d give it zero stars. The app itself is OK, particularly if you’re just using it to figure out furniture placement or using it as a game. Several nice features: —The ability to add annotations —The ability to hide pretty much anything: walls, furnishings, dimensions, annotations. This allows you to store a lot of data in a single file and to only display/print what’s needed at any given time. —Automatic calculation of floor area (but I think most apps of this nature do that) —Compatibility with Trimble 3D Warehouse, making it possible to increase your library at no additional cost. But there’s also an inherent risk in that because you’re downloading objects created by “whoever." —Ability to create custom templates. Disappointing: —Support, as described above - both email and the online documentation —Price is way too high for what you get. —The included materials and objects (furnishings) are inadequate unless you’re just using the app as a game. Two in-app packages are offered: $10 for 150 additional plants; $10 for 600 additional materials. I do not see any package for additional furnishings. In order to get all of their materials and objects, you have to upgrade to full version for another $40. —Periodic display issues when going from 2D to 3D. E.g, I centered a lamp on a table in 2D using the alignment tools. But when I view it in 3D, the lamp is on the edge of table about to fall off. —Periodic color display problems. With no change in the lighting options or camera elevation, a pure white object sometimes appears pure white and other times as various shades of gray and even almost black. —The “Collision” function seems to have a mind of its own. While in the middle of a walk-through, it will suddenly stop working. A while later, it starts working again. This is with no change in settings. (Developers, if you’re reading this, I'm set up to “consider collisions” and also have collisions turned on.) — Freezes more often than other apps I own. (My other apps rarely if ever freeze.) Freezes occur in both 2D and 3D mode. —For most objects, you can use a rotation tool to get the angle just right. But you can’t do this with walls. The angle of a wall is displayed, but the only way to change it is by dragging the end of the wall. I regret this purchase and do not recommend the app. For future projects, I’ll return to pencil and graph paper.

Price is Very High, In My Professional Experience

This is a great, super basic home-design app to create rough sketches with, but it a little tricky to navigate when trying to create specific designs for your home - say, cycling through different hand rails for a deck or editing the terrain to have your home partially built into a hillside (which is my family’s current situation). It only allows flat, ground-level plain editing and designing… which is super annoying, because I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a home that wasn’t built on some sort of hillside. From what I understand, by paying the full $70 ($30 now, $40 more upon opening the application), you can obtain access to the “Pro” version in which many of these things are possible. However, I can’t justify paying almost one hundred dollars for a design app when there are a million different design websites that can do it for free. I, personally, would say use a free website (there are LOTS). If you have an extra $30 and some free time to spare, this app can be fun. However, be aware you are very limited in your building capabilities and materials without paying the full $70 and the graphics are very basic “90’s tech” or “Minecraft” type graphics—arguably not enough to truly imagine how a home would appear in real life due to such boxy and pixilated animations. Even IKEA stores have a design center now with computers that allow you to quickly design some floor plans for free. If this application was able to edit the terrain surrounding the home, in regards to terrain elevation and such, could upgrade their graphics and animations a bit, and could offer more in materials and capabilities without having to pay $70, then this app would be five stars. Having used other websites for free with nearly the exact same capabilities as this app, I can’t seem to justify paying such a high price for this program. Thanks!

Great for visualizing furnishing and renovating your house

Nice mixture of accessibility and precision, as needed. Easy to create rooms and walls, and to add windows, doors, and openings. The range of materials is pretty good, and easy to apply. It is easy to create and set camera views. Working in the split screen — half floor plan, and half 3D view — makes changes and additions immediately understandable. Access to the Trimble 3D Warehouse is great: There is a huge number of options for furniture and other elements in your interior; almost all allow customizable dimensions. The only noticeable lack, for me, is the range of light fixtures. Only the light fixtures in the software act as light sources (customizable for intensity and other attributes); the light fixtures in Trimble 3D Warehouse don’t offer the lighting functionality (at least what I’ve found). To achieve relatively realistic lighting and shadows, you need to use the limited range of fixtures in the software.

Live Home 3D version 3.2.2

I’m using the Live Home 3D app v.3.2.2 to help me arrange and size the rooms in a house my wife and I plan to build after we retire. First, I drew the general floor plan layout we have in mind, to include the same approximate total square footage of our current house. Next, I arranged the rooms on this floor plan to match how we currently plan to build our house. Then, I used a tape measure to find the length and width of each item of furniture we plan to move into our future house. Once we had these measurements, it was very easy to choose a shape to represent each item of furniture, then size it to match the exact dimensions. At this point, both the furniture and the rooms on the house plan are to the same scale. So, it becomes very easy to visually see exactly where everything will go and how much “moving around” room is left over. In turn, this information prompted us to redraw the size and arrangement of some rooms so that they better fit both our current furniture and our future anticipated needs. What really sets this program apart from all the rest in this category is the amount of tutorial and content help which is readily available, both within the program itself and from the developer’s website. If a new user takes the time to look at the intro video carefully (and maybe more than once or twice, as I did!), the the learning curve moves along at a very acceptable rate. This is my first project like this and I already have most of the 2D part down pat. However, I feel like I will have to invest in a professional upgrade to do the 3D part to my satisfaction because that is where one will find the cross-section views needed for arranging what is on the walls both inside and outside the house. Still, it will be well worth the money for this kind of easy to use program. This program is not only useful for those planning to build a house, it is also useful for those who already have a house or apartment where they a want to re-arrange furniture or remodel rooms. It is so great to have literally everything to scale so that you can visually try out various arrangements without actually lifting any real furniture or tearing down any real walls. Using a mouse to work smart definitely beats using one’s back to work hard! As a bonus, you will have some very nice plans to show a contractor or architect exactly what you have in mind when the time for action comes, thus making their job a bit easier too! I highly recommend Live Home 3D for house and apartment planners of all ability levels.

I like the app!

Glad they supported Autodesk FBX format, now you are not limited to SketchUp and COLLADA models! Also thanks for adding the collection of 3D cars. Love the app!

Not worth the money

This app works well to create floorplans, you can easily create rooms and add elements. The 3D view works well, although with some bugs - reminded me of my days playing Doom on my 1990s PC.Yet, the visual is rather poor, graphics are rather rudimentary and outdated. But it is upon (trying) to desgin the interior that the app really is very lacking - a lot of office furnitures are available, but HOME furnitures are lacking - this is very surprising, i was unable to organize a simple living room with the few options of furniture they had in their library. Also, almost every single piece of furniture looks awful and kitsch. It is very difficult and laborsome to create a visually appealing interior with such awful, awful furniture samples. But it works well enough to play around with furniture arrangement and space distribution.

No thank you, wish I could get a refund

Nearly every ceiling in my house is sloped, and I can’t make a sloped ceiling in this app. It also is not easy to work with floor plans exported in any format from Magic Plan, as far as I can tell. I wish I could get a refund. Would not buy again, would not recommend.

Ripped off

This is the first app review that I have ever written. I do not normally complain and I typically have no trouble getting apps to work. This application is terrible. Do not buy it — you will regret it. It is not intuitive or user friendly. I want my money back!!!! This thing is a scam.

I love it

After searching the web for a while I came across this app. It really impressed me from the start and it’s not an easy task, trust me. As a professional designer, I sometimes need to make a quick presentation for my client. My very first project I managed to accomplish in less than an hour, and that’s without watching any tutorials! Interface is remarkably easy to navigate, menus are clearly labelled and intuitive, love the camera features and its customization. I will need to explore the export into video 360 and panorama 360. These are promising features, especially if you want to share your work on Facebook. Live Home 3D is an excellent value for the money. Overall 5 Stars.


I bought this software because it offered me the opiton to import a PDF of an existing floor plan so I could draw over it. That was the ONLY thing that worked. Every other action produces results that are just inexplicable. The most frustrating software I have ever used. And on top of that it continually crashes my system.


Probably the best home design app out there, the developer constantly adds features. Not sure if many do stereo 3D video or 360 panoramas with the app, but the developer definitely keeps up with technology trends.


I absolutly love this app and I’ve only had it for a few hours. It is super cool that you can make curved walls. The app is not laggy at all and is very user firendly once you mess around with it for like 2 minutes. The support videos are helpful to anserew you questions so if you need help check those out. There is a free trial on thier website. Downloaded it and fell and love and imeditly bought the app!! This is great for seeing whether or not you want to be an architect/decorator. Even if you don’t want to be a decorator or anything like that, this is super fun to play while your board. Hope this reveiw is helpful to you. Recommend this app 101%


Simple to use, no crashes. Been using it a week so far, very happy

Live Home 3D

I love Live Home 3D. I have been using Live Interior 3D, but when I saw I could create curved walls in this updated program, I had to have it. I hae not been disappointed in my purchase. The program is easy to use, and you can create fantastic projects using the Library. Great program with great features.

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